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101 Gourmet Cupcakes In 10 Minutes (2009)

by Wendy Paul(Favorite Author)
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1599552590 (ISBN13: 9781599552590)
Cedar Fort, Inc.
review 1: I bought this for my daughter because she loves to bake cupcakes. I have to wonder if the author tested ANY of the recipes before she got this published. It was almost like she threw together random ingredients that she thought might taste good together, but didn't actually bake any of the cupcakes. All of the batter is just like a thick paste when scooped in the cupcake tin. We always have to add more water or milk to make the cupcakes palatable. If we don't the cupcakes taste like stale brick muffins. Terrible! I think all of the good reviews on here are from people who 1) are the author's friends, or 2) just read the recipes, looked at the pictures and didn't actually make the muffins. Don't waste your time or money like we did. You'll be sorely disappoi... morented!
review 2: I feel a bit of a spoilsport, but I did not love this book and I did not love the photos. However, it has a very extensive list of creative cupcakes which made it a fun book to read. I wish I could have tried more of the recipes, especially some of the frostings (which are made from scratch). The recipes I tried were not good which is why the book gets a low rating. The fresh-from-the-oven cupcakes tasted like 2-day old dry muffins and this was using a box mix where you're pretty much guaranteed a fluffy soft cupcake unless you bake the crap out of it. Unaltered box mix would've been better and I was pretty disappointed. less
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I have made quite a few recipes from this book and everything has been so good and so easy!
A fun, easy way to dress up a cake mix. My favorite so far is pink lemonade cupcakes.
Great ideas...LOVE the Key Lime Pie cupcake.
Yea for cupcakes!
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