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The Advocate (2009)

by Teresa Burrell(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
Silent Thunder Publishing
The Advocate
review 1: A different kind of legal thriller. More of the typical thriller, but involving an attorney as the main character. One thing I particularly enjoyed was that the "legal" part of the book focused on the little known world of child advocacy. Most legal thrillers spend time in the courtroom. This had little courtroom excitement, but much more story-telling regarding the life of a child advocate and the work they do with their clients. An enjoyable read.
review 2: Great read. Really loved the main characters, The author made them all come to life. Her descriptions of Alexis let me see the turmoil that child was going through, both past and present. I loved the suspense. Don't start this book late at night unless you want to be awake until you finish it. I
... more started it after midnight with the intention of reading just a chapter or two and wound up reading until I finished the book around 4:30 AM. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. less
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After character introductions, the action was fast-paced. Storylines were tied together nicely.
There are many coincidences and ends being conveniently tied up, but it's still very engaging.
Good Read. Great charahters & plot - some good twists!
Good, suspenseful, mystery with interesting characters
REALLY enjoyed this book!
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