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Lucan (2009)

by Susan Kearney(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
0446543314 (ISBN13: 9780446543316)
Pendragon Legacy
review 1: Ugh. No character development to speak of, and just about zero worldbuilding. I could barely get through it and I won't read another.Note to Kearney: HEAVY OBJECTS DO NOT FALL FASTER. See, there was this guy named Galileo? Who wrote about it in 1634? You may have heard about his legendary experiment at the Tower of Pisa (yes, yes, probably didn't ACTUALLY take place, but still.) A scientist would never make this error. From then on, I was completely thrown out of the book.
review 2: Well there really isn't much I can say for this book, I really didn't like it. I like a good King Arthur twist but taking it to outer space and such, was a bit much for me. Also, the love scenes in this book were a little too spontaneous for me. "Hi, how are you"....bumping and grin
... moreding on the ground. That's about it. I also didn't feel a connection with the plot or the characters, I just was not sucked into this book, as much as I wanted to be. The female lead character, made me want to scream as well, she was increasingly self-pitying and just wasn't as strong as a high priestess who could turn into a dang dragon should have been. less
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Had this one for a while and kept passing on it but actually I liked this start to the series.
It has all the required elements to make it interesting, Magic, Dragons, and Romance.
I adore dragons...and purple with green would be my idea of the perfect colorings.
loved every bit oof it. very creative.
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