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Little Tug (2012)

by Stephen Savage(Favorite Author)
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1596436484 (ISBN13: 9781596436480)
Roaring Brook Press
review 1: This is a great story for ECE readers. What is a tugboat? Well, it may not be the biggest or fastest boat in the harbor, but it has a very important job. And even though he is different from the other boats, they all love him and are happy that he’s around. It’s a wonderful metaphor for accepting those who are different from us--everyone needs help sometimes, and if we are kind to one another, then help will always be there when we need it.The graphics are lovely and large, making this a great book for Read Aloud.
review 2: A story about a tugboat and his unique skills. He may not be the biggest or the fastest, but all the ships depend on each other at one time or another. Illustrations have an old-timey feel and bring to mind the artwork in the older ti
... moretles in the Golden Book family. The boats are all illustrated with faces which I think will appeal to fans of Thomas the Tank Engine. The simple text and the big, bold clear artwork would also appeal to Donald Crews fans. less
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simple pictures, good for toddlers/babies, good for talking about how we are different and unique.
Love the art and the simple text.
3* art2* storyBoats don't hug.
A gift from Daddy.
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