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Basilisk (2011)

by Rob Thurman(Favorite Author)
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0451464141 (ISBN13: 9780451464149)
The Korsak Brothers
review 1: Chimera blew me away and Basilisk is even better. Where Chimera was written in Stefan's point of view, this one is in Micheal's and his though processes, how he views himself and his brother is genuine and truly his own personality.I think that is Rob Thurman's strength in being able to craft wholly unique people. Not one of her characters is the same as another. Then again, her plots are brilliant, action divine, emotion is so involved in every aspect that I read holding my breath. Okay, forget it, everything is her strength. There just isn't another writer out there that is the whole package like this.Also the baddies in this are even more frightening than in the first, cuz kids, man, kids. Creepy. Micheal and Stefan are characters that stay with you for months afterward... mores. Please, please, Robyn, write a 3rd for this series...and a fourth...and...and...
review 2: Officially the Korzak brothers will join the Winchester and Leandros boys in my heart. Again as in the previous book I was pleasantly surprised with Basilisk. One of the review I read claimed that Misha's voice is boring and does not fit the character. Actually for me at least, Basilisk is funnier than Chimera. Michael's evil-genius persona is hilarious. I was literally laughing out aloud on the scenes wherein he is calmly telling Stefan their escape plan 'all theoretically speaking of course' he-he.He is the perfect combination of genius level intelligence and naiveness, you can almost imagine Stefan banging his head and asking where is the quiet and obedient boy he rescued 3 years ago. Under a different author Misha's massive ego would have been irritating but Thurman made it one of his endearing quality, as Stefan said "where is that self-esteem i know and tolerate.." Though i guess it did not become irritating because underneath it all you know he is a nice kid who idolizes his big brother and the fact that Stefan and Saul always brings him down a peg or two. The plot is fast-paced full of action with a side order of brotherly angst a perfect combination if you ask me. The antagonist is properly scary, though personally it would have been more scary in the movie or tv. Think children of the corn or lilith of the Supernatural tv series.I definitely love the ending and at the end of the book all i could think was who do i have to call to ask if a third book is in the works. I think Thurman is leaving a leeway for a sequel on this one. And by the way about that other thing, I know it also wierded me out at first then i just decided to do just like what the characters did - just ignored it and enjoy the ride he-he. This is definitely onother strong series from one of my favorite author Rob Thurman. less
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will wait a few months just for this, like usual Rob Thurman has write another great books.
Funny, moving even heart-breaking at times, but always a thrilling ride. Very, very good.
Really enjoyed this one, but I still prefer the Cal Leandros series, hence 4 stars.
Good book, good characters, very enjoyable read.
Get well soon Rob!
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