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Modern Homestead: Grow, Raise, Create (2011)

by Renee Wilkinson(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
1555917488 (ISBN13: 9781555917487)
Fulcrum Publishing
review 1: There are parts of this book I love. I really like how she tells the story of starting up her homestead and that it has tons of gorgeous photos (although I really wanted to see a few of her yard in it's entirety so I could get a gauge on what's possible for a yard that size). A couple things were helpful like her chapter on soil/composting/etc and the seedling starting chapter but I didn't really like how she spent almost a third of the book on raising animals when, for most urban gardens, that's irrelevant. I can't raise ANY animals in my city (except cats and dogs) so I basically glanced over that whole section.I loved all she had to say about creating a community and how gardening brings people together. I didn't like how much time she spent on container gardens even t... morehough I know that it's all a lot of people can do...Mostly because container gardens are much harder than ground gardens but she made it seem like no big deal and that sort of annoyed me. I'm being picky on that though. It was overall a very good and inspiring homestead book.
review 2: This is a good, solid book about urban/suburbia homesteading. There were color pictures and a few extra tidbits not included in the other books I've read (for example, a whole section on duck raising.) However, I didn't appreciate the author's voice as much as some of the others I've come across. Nor could I shake the feeling that despite my desire to raise chickens and keep bees, I just wasn't 'hip' enough for Renee Wilkinson. less
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Excellent for those who want to live with the least impact, but in modern society!
Firstreads winner; currently reading.
Very informative.
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