Through the Glass — Shannon Moroney

When Shannon Moroney married in October of 2005, she had no idea that her happy life as a newlywed was about to come crashing down around her. One month after her wedding, a police officer arrived at her door to tell her that her husband, Jason, had been arrested and charged in the brutal assault and kidnapping of two women. In the aftermath of these crimes, Shannon dealt with a heavy burden of grief, the stress and publicity of a major criminal investigation, and the painful stigma of guilt-by-association, all while attempting to understand what had made Jason turn to such violence.

In this intimate and gripping journey into prisons, courtrooms and the human heart, Shannon reveals the far-reaching impact of Jason’s crimes, the agonizing choices faced by the loved ones of offenders and the implicit dangers of a correctional system and a society that prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation, and victimhood over recovery. [Chapters | Indigo]

I cannot say enough amazing things about this book, it was gripping and heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. While this book takes you on a gut-wrenching journey of loss and trauma, it also provides a unique and refreshing perspective that most people forget about, and that’s the empathetic approach. Shannon does a beautiful job of allowing us to feel compassion for the “criminal” and a deeper understanding of that simple notion that “hurt people, hurt people”.

Shannon is a beautiful storyteller and she will continue to be a hero in my books.


Book Information:

  • Paperback, ebook
  • Published by Doubleday Canada
  • Biography/memoir
  • Available in major book stores, Chapters, Amazon

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