Review: Persephone by Kitty Thomas

Title: Persephone
Author: Kitty Thomas
Genre: Erotic Fantasy/Myth Retelling
Type: Standalone
POV: Third Person

Even though Persephone lived a simple life, she cherished every moments. Working in a flower shop brought her happiness seeing life flourished all around her. What she never knew that her life had been a complete lie until a mysterious stranger showed her what’s waiting at the other side of the world.

As the Lord of the Underworld, Hades was fated to have Persephone as his bride. But her father Zeus hid her for centuries to protect her from the darkness. Now, it was time for Hades to finally claim what rightfully his no matter what the consequences.

Before I started reading fiction for leisure, I used to read a lot of Greek mythology to escape into a different world. This book is like going back to my roots haha!

Hades fought against the urge to comfort her. There were places inside him, places frozen for centuries that this tiny creature could melt if he allowed her to get too close.

Hades was charming in his own way. Even though he had all the power at his disposal, he didn’t abuse it unnecessarily. And he had a playroom, so he got extra points from me lol!

She felt so torn because she wanted to be free of this place. But the man? The god? Never. She never wanted to be free of Hades.

By a fault not of her own, Persephone was clueless of who she really was. I like seeing her cope with being in the Underworld and her first time experiencing a lot of things she would never imagined.

I like how the author interpreted the story of Hades and Persephone especially the kinky side of the Underworld. I wouldn’t mind being down there at all lol!

The temptation was too dark, too delicious. He could drag her deeper down into his hedonistic world with only the promises of the pleasures she wanted to know.

However, the book was too light for my liking considering Hades’ position. I was hoping for something more sinister especially towards the end of the story. There was a promise of darkness, but it wasn’t delivered effectively. Also, even though I like both characters I felt mostly detached.

“I would be happy to accommodate any desires you develop here. Just remember, Sunshine, there is no shame in the underworld. Only pleasure.”

Persephone is a tale of woman awakening her desires. It would appeal to readers who are interested in mythology retelling.


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