Remembering: Pinoy Celebrities who died young

As we celebrate, All Souls Day, let us remember the celebrities who perished at very young age.

Death is a reality and someday all of us well perish and all that will be left is our memories. Death is a natural cycle of life. However, if a young person die, the case is different, we sometimes left in shock and in awe, if we hear about people dying young, especially if it by accidents or diseases. In the Philippines, were we are so hook with our showbiz personalities, death of a celebrity is a national issue, millions usually mourn and some fans were usually left in grief. Here are our list.

HALINA PEREZ (22 Years old, Car Accident)

Died due to accident she was travelling back to Manila from Bicol when her van collided with a truck. She was still breathing when the rescuers tried to rescue her, but was declared dead on arrival when she reach the nearby hospital. Halina Perez was one of the famous sexy stars before she died.

TADO JIMENEZ (39 years old, Bus Accident)

Tado is a popular comedian, artists, musician, businessman and a father. The TADO is very talented and full of life. He was very famous among his peers that when the news broke out about his death in Social Media, nobody wants to believe it. It was only after few hours when his friends and family confirmed the untimely death of this funny man that people started grieving. Tado was among those who died when a bus going to Bontoc Mountain Province plunge into a ravine. According to a report from the Cordillera Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Council, Jimenez was among the 14 who died on the spot. Thirty-two more are injured.

RIZZINI ALEXIS GOMEZ (25 years old, non-Hogdkin lymphoma of the lung)

Rizzini,  was named Miss Tourism during the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2012 grand coronation. While reports initially said that she succumbed to lung cancer, her family said that the cause of her death is non-Hogdkin lymphoma of the lung. Rizzini was cured of the said disease last July after two years of fighting, but she had a relapse which affected her head and spinal cord. MARKY CIELO (20 years old,) Marky Cielo was the season 3 winner of the artista reality search Startruck and the first known Igorot in Philippine showbiz. Marky was an Igorot who spent most of his childhood in Baguio. His death still remains a mystery. He was found unconscious in his room by his mother. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear. There were persistent reports that he committed suicide, but his family strongly denies it. JULIE VEGA (16 years old, bronchopneumonia) Julie Vega is one of the most famous child star of her generation. The little angel was very talented. She can act and sing very well. She has blockbuster movies and Top of the Chart Song Hits under her resume.Unfortunately, she died at the tender age of 16. on May 6, 1985. Vega might have gotten too overworked, as she experienced extreme fatigue. In the end, she contracted bronchopneumonia and suffered from cardiac arrest, which led to her death. TENTEN MUNOZ (19 years old, Brain Cancer) Two decades ago the original singer of the Hit song “Kaba,” yes she is the original singer not Tootsie Guevarra. She was one of the most famous singers of the early 90s. She was also a result of the singing contest ‘Bulilit Bagong Kampeon’, and has recorded an album early in the 90s and joined stage musicals afterwards MIKO SOTTO (21 years old, Building Accident) Miko Sotto, is from the prominent Sotto clan and one of the stars of GMA 7. He died after falling from the ninth floor of the San Francisco Garden Plaza Condominium on Bonifacio Avenue, Mandaluyong City. He was with his cousin Oyo Boy Sotto, 2 other friends and a helper when the tragic fall happened. Miko was said to be sitting at the balcony railings, which made him lose his balance and fell to his death. TYRON PEREZ (26 years old, suicide) Another product of STARSTRUCK of GMA 7. the lifeless body of Tyron was found inside his car in Ugong, Valenzuela few days before New Year. The final result of the investigation is suicide. Some claimed that he killed himself because of financial and marital problem. AJ PEREZ (18 years old, vehicular accident) AJ Perez is one of the most promising actors of his home studio ABS-CBN, however his life was cut short due a vehicular accident. He was only 18 years old when he died in Tarlac.  He was suppose to do a big role both in TV and in movie by the time he died. RICO YAN (27 years old, cardiac arrest) And then there’s… Rico Yan probably the most famous actor of his generation. Rico is the perfect gentleman and probably every beautiful girls Mr Dream Boy. He was a graduate of a prestigious school, a good actor, and a businessman rolled in one. He passed away on March 29, 2002. At the time of his death, the actor was still at the peak of his career with his last film, ‘Got 2 Believe’, which is a box office hit. There was also a speculation that he is mending a broken heart as he seemed to be separated with his longtime girlfriend Claudine Barreto before he had cardiac arrest cardiac arrest while sleeping in his hotel room at the Dos Palmas Resort in Palawan. Advertisements Share this:
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