Favourites Fridays: Pretty Girl- Clairo

Favourites Fridays- 29/12/17

Sorry for not posting in so long! I’ve been very busy with other projects and commitments but I am back and ready in time for my last Favourites Friday of 2017!

Someone who I’ve been listening to a lot recently who I believe will be big in 2018 is bedroom low-fi/pop singer-songwriter Clairo (Claire Cotrill). If you’re into the work of Starry Cat and Cyberbully Mom Club, Clairo is definitely one to look out for in 2018. Based in Boston Massachusetts Clairos music is a mixture of dreamy electronic low-fi beats paired with catchy pop melodies and the vocals of a truly talented rising singer.

I first found out about Clairo while browsing through Youtube looking for some Low Fi to wind down to while I was on an October holiday in the most beautiful mountainous area you could imagine. Amongst other brilliant songs such as Peach Pit by the incredible Peach Pit ,as well as Chronic Sunshine by the funky-licious Cosmo Pyke.

I was instantly captured by not only the aesthetics of the video but the beauty and powerful message of her song ‘Pretty Girl’ which was released to YouTube on the 4th Aug 2017. Its message describes and criticizes the stereotypes that girls feel that they must commit to for the sake of gender roles to inevitably please men.

In Clairos description about this song she tells how the main inspiration for creating this song was through the way she felt in a relationship she had. She felt a huge amount of pressure to be the “perfect girl” although there is no such thing as a perfect girl as all amiable qualities are subjective to each and every one of us. This song is based off of her struggle with that pressure however it is written in an ironic way which shows that, no, it’s not okay to change or strive to be what someone else may believe is the ‘perfect’ person as all that matters is being comfortable and happy with you.


“The song is about a relationship I had where I felt I needed to be the perfect girl for another person.. whether that’s wearing makeup, doing my hair, wearing things they like, or even changing the way i speak/WHEN i speak.  so,

i felt that the only way i could make this video was to have a lot of fun looking disgusting and not caring at all ! it’s okay to have flaws and it’s okay to embrace them and it’s okay to be silly and stupid. you all might already know this, but i’m happy that i know this now” – Clairo 


A couple months after first discovering her music myself I began to notice that a fair few other people I knew listened to her also. Unsurprisingly her song “Pretty Girl” blew up in a very short amount of time, and with 6,282,504 views at this current moment, there is no doubt that she will become bigger and popular in 2018.

Clairo only has 4 songs available on Spotify at this current moment as well as more on other websites which are definitely worth checking out, I especially love Flaming Hot Cheetos, and I truly cannot wait to see what she has to offer this year.




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