Back to work

I took a break from unpacking yesterday.  Today, my goal is to get rid of the wall of boxes in front of the wall of shelves that I have to squeeze through to get to bed.

Sure enough, I found more damaged items.  Like this.

Damn. These were the most usefully sized and shaped bowls we’ve ever found.

This stack of bowls was loosely wrapped in paper.  But a stack of side plates in the same box were individually wrapped.  They were fine.
In another box, I found things from the first floor bathroom. Including an old framed picture of my husband as a child that was on the wall.  It was shoved down the side of the box, unwrapped.  The frame was broken apart.  Thankfully, no broken glass, and the picture itself is unharmed.

The weirdest thing was also in the bathroom box.

The toilet roll holder.

You know; the kind with a spring inside, that you put the roll on, then squeeze the holder shorter to fit into the wall part?

Yeah. That.

It belonged to the co-op.  It had a roll of toilet paper on it.

I wonder if the ones from the other two bathrooms got packed?

Time for a tea break, then start cooking.  We have found more of our kitchen supplies, so cooking has become an easier job, at least!

The Re-farmer  

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