Author Spotlight: Kelly DiPucchio

Yesterday I shared a pair of books by Kelly DiPucchio. I like her books a lot, so I’ll share a few of my favorites:

Grace For President inspired my fourth grade classes to hold class elections last November. This delightful story explains the election process in a kid-friendly way.

Clink is about a cute robot who makes toast and plays music. But he burns the toast and is missing pieces. No one seems interested in buying him, even after the other robots try to fix him up. Luckily, being a bit odd is exactly what one little boy is looking for.

Bed Hogs is just too cute! It is illustrated by Howard Fine, who drew the fabulous piggies in Piggie Pie (one of my favorites by Margie Palatini.) The runt of the family feels too crowded by his mama, papa, brother and sisters. So he kicks them out of the sty, but when you’re little, a big bed can be awfully lonely.

If you are looking for an animal sound book, the little bird in What’s the Magic Word will teach some to you. He is blown here and there by the wind and finally learns the real magic word.

I have a list of more of DiPucchio’s books that I’d like to get for my library and read. Here they are.

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