✏️ #FirstLineFriday: Animal


One way a book can garner my attention is by talking about death. It’s not about being morbid, but more like practical lol! I love characters who view death differently than “normal” people. I don’t like gore, but when it has a purpose like showing the character’s psychological make up I’m ok with it. I love characters who are unapologetic and stay true to themselves. Beard is one of them.


★ Book Details ★

Animal by Marni Mann
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In this prison, we weren’t just guards. We were animals.

I captured the guilty.
Locked them inside our prison.
Tortured their bodies and abused their minds.
I had murdered hundreds.
Never recognized one.
Until her face.
Until that scream.
I was hired to take her life.
But first, I had to figure out how she ruined mine.

Animal is an extremely dark novel. There are strong sexual themes, drug usage, physical abuse and torture that could trigger and/or cause emotional suffering. You have been warned

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