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Our Moon Has Blood Clots: The Exodus Of The Kashmiri Pandits (2013)

by Rahul Pandita(Favorite Author)
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Random House India
review 1: A very well written and touching book. The book gives a very different perspective , from the point of view of a kashmiri pandit. We have often heard news about the human rights violations by the Indian army , with Kashmiri Muslims as the victims... here the author shows us the true face of these victims who shed all humanity during the rise of terrorism and very involved in some heinous crimes against the pandit. Though the book seems to be brutally honest , I feel there is a lot of exaggeration, as it's written by a kashmiri pandit so understandably it's one side of the story and a little biased. The author seems to have been carried away by his emotions. I had consulted my parents who were also there in baramula kashmir during the late 80s and early 90s, and t... morehe tales in the novel seem far fetched by their accounts . All in all the book is a good read, but to form an opinion one must also read the other side also..
review 2: It was a difficult read and I had to take several breaks to let it sink in, the amount of pain people had gone through in Kashmir. I was in Srinagar in 1987, less than a year old and I have heard several recollections from my mother on how difficult life had been in the Air Force campus with dad always away in duty for months. We could not switch on lights in the rooms and had to keep the windows covered with thick blankets. I heard from mother similar instances of waiting for trucks of rotten vegetables and then for days there won't be anything. But after reading the memoirs here I know that what we were going through inside the defence campus was nothing in comparison. I am going to read this book to my parents when I visit them next. less
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This isn't an exceptionally well-written book.Not a book easy to read,but one that should be read.
Very well written account of the Kashmiri Pandit Exodus. Must read for all.
Very moving and it can have an effect on you.
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