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Family Magic (2011)

by Patti Larsen(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 1
1466451033 (ISBN13: 9781466451032)
Hayle Coven Novels
review 1: A great 1st book to this series. I'm writing these reviews after I have read all 20 books in the series. Sydlynn Hayle is a wonderful young heroine. She is a strong young woman and her character gets better with every book. I really enjoy seeing a heroine (especially a teen girl) that will stand up for herself and make good decisions. It is incredibly easy to loose yourself in Patti Larsen's stories! Vivid descriptions and great characters....you won't regret reading this series!
review 2: I loved this book. The characters were easy to fall into and love them. Sydlynn Hayle, like any normal teen was fighting for her independence. Her mom facing the teenage issues like any normal mom would. The love and respect between them came out beautifully. Daughter of a
... morecoven leader witch and with father as lord of a demons, Syd wanted to break free of her destiny. She just wants to be normal. When the coven is attacked by forces set out to destroy it, she stands by her family protecting it all the way and accepting her destiny. The book stands for relationships between parents, friends, grandparents sisters. The ability to stand up for what is right. A fun book which you cannot keep down. less
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Looking into reading the next one! Great book.
Really enjoyed this book, review to come.
Took too long to fall into.
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