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Hungry Scientist Handbook (2008)

by Patrick Buckley(Favorite Author)
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0061982296 (ISBN13: 9780061982293)
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review 1: This book helped me realize that it's not that my 12-year-old doesn't like to cook. It's that he doesn't like how I cook. I'm too imprecise for his tastes. So, now I know that he needs to follow a recipe; he longs to follow a recipe. He had so much fun cooking through this book. From a rhubarb kvass for his dad's birthday to edible origami, he loved every page. Not sure what's next, but I saw it come out onto the dining room table again.
review 2: I am not a Techie, Tinkerer or Foodie but the premise sounded interesting and I was expecting fun experiments I could try and possibly share with my Girl Guides. The book wasn't quite what I was expecting. It's for adults and those who know a lot about technology. I know how to do most things on a computer and I wrote
... more a VERY simple program once but I couldn't follow most of the instructions. There are a couple of "mini" projects throughout the book and those are the only ones I could probably do. If you are looking for a book with experiments ranging from somewhat complicated to complicated with a lot of steps that you can eat when it's done, then this book would be a 4 Star book. It wasn't what I was expecting though and was too advanced for me which is why I rated it 1/2 a star less. Here are just some of the experiments you will learn how to do: Cryogenic Ice CreamModular Pecan PieLight-Up LollipopsDry-Ice MartinisCaramel LingerieBrew Beer from Scratch That's just a few. You can also find tons more on the Hungry Scientist Blog. Only two authors are listed on the book but the experiments were designed and tested by a group of 13 including one child. Most of the experiments are for adults only with a few that could be done with children if given LOTS of help and supervision. I must say, it was a very INTERESTING book. less
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The internet has not completely taken over tinkering advice for adults. Fun and simple.
library check out period expired before i got a chance to try anything!
Not for elem/jr high kids. Too technical, boo.
Pretty cool, but for hardcore scientists.
Two words: edible origami
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