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Vanquish (2000)

by Pam Godwin(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I didn't read this book because I read the first one, or because I found it recommended someone where. I read and am now reviewing this book for a friend who suffers from agoraphobia like the heroine of this book. She found it on her Amazon recommendations and was shocked to find a heroine with the same condition she had. But she was worried that since it was a dark romance that it might have any of her triggers.So being the good friend I am, I volunteered to pre-screen the story for her.I was a bit wary of this book because it dealt with mental health issues. As a person who suffers from several mental health issues, I was worried that it would be an offense or over-simplification of mental health issues. There was one part of the book that I was worried it was going to d... moreo that. When she starts living with him for a while and she is slowly starting to get over her issues. I started rolling my eyes, thinking "Great now she is going to be instantly cured" but much to my pleasure it didn't go in that direction. This is one of the BEST portals of a mentally ill person I have ever seen in any form of media.For that I give Ms.Godwin five stars for that alone. But I gave this book four stars. Why? Because really the romance...felt flat to me. I just didn't understand how Van and Amber could fall in love. It just seemed to instant. I just have trouble believing that a former slave trafficker could go to loving and caring for a mentally ill girl so fast. But to be fair, he is hardly nice about it. But still it didn't connect to me, so four stars.For the sex scenes...damn this book has some hot ones. Really hot ones. But I personally wasn't into the whippings. Just a personal preference. Pain during sex doesn't do anything for me.
review 2: I absolutely loved Deliver in its unique take compared to so many dark erotic books. Vanquish is the perfect sequel. It was sexy, erotic, extremely well written and hard to put down. While Van was the bad guy in Deliver, we get to see that there is so much more to him in this one. We get to see the man behind the scars and hard life. We still get to see a bit of Liv and Joshua while learning about Amber and her Agoraphobia and OCD. Their relationship isn't easy, but it certainly works for them as they both have their own ghosts that haunt them and keep them from living what other people would consider a 'normal' life. But that is what makes them work so well together.Not only an entertaining read there is great underlying notes that everyone can learn about facing the demons in your mind. The book is so well written that you feel the pain of Van's past, you feel the pain and fear of open spaces and seeing eyes that Amber deals with. You also feel the shift and changes happening within the relationship and the characters as they learn to cope and come through stronger and better. That being said, there are twists and turns and ugly little things that come up in the book that I can't talk about without ruining the true greatness of this book.Read it. It's AMAZING.5 Dark, Beautiful Stars less
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I don't know why I've read this before Deliver. I'm a little sick with this book but I like it.
Well...I REALLY enjoyed that! Much more than Deliver. Van is outstanding!
Vanquish was so good. It was better than Deliver in my opinion.
another great read. LOVED IT!
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