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The Carb Sensitivity Program: Discover Which Carbs Will Curb Your Cravings, Control Your Appetite And Banish Belly Fat (2012)

by Natasha Turner(Favorite Author)
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0307360717 (ISBN13: 9780307360717)
Random House Canada
review 1: Natasha Turner writes a powerful book on the addictiveness of carbohydrates and the effects of insulin on a normal healthy body.I can just look at carbs and add some pounds...wouldn't it be nice to enjoy carbs without the side effects of bloating, cravings, water retention and weight gain?Judging by the CSP success stories, CSP meal plans and suggested rules to live by, have helped many people solve faulty metabolism. By following the book one can access his or her own imbalances through a highly structured plan.Most impressive were the metabolic repair workouts and routines using accessories like dumb bells, medicine balls and stability balls. Interval training for cardio is highly recommended; for example sprinting 50 or 100 yards and lightly jogging or walking back, rep... moreeating 10 times. (This is something my son has been doing for years!)She recommends a schedule with a majority of strength training sessions, cardio only once or twice a week and yoga(for men and women). The book is a great read with excellent tips and a wealth of information on a variety of health topics but will require patience and interest to follow through.
review 2: More like 1 1/2 stars, this "it's not a diet" diet book does have some merit to it. The author does have a carb sensitivity so she does know what it is like. The questions like all questions in these type of books, are the loaded "if you said yes to any of these questions you have______". All carbs are not evil in this plan, but many are to be avoided. The main problem for me would be no legumes for the duration of most the programs "are you sensitive" part since I am a vegetarian. She does however, encourage low fat dairy products and vegetarian/vegan proteins while you are undergoing the start of the program. There are menus, recipes and even strength exercises that do not require a gym membership to accomplish. I just felt that this is yet another version of what is out there already, with nothing overly new to say.Get it free from the library and if it does work for you, then buy it. less
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I highly recommend this book if you are trying to shed some pounds. It works!
This was well written and easy to follow. Very insightful!
This program works. Very clearly laid out in the book.
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