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Eating Dangerously: Why The Government Can't Keep Your Food Safe ... And How You Can (2014)

by Michael Booth(Favorite Author)
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1442222662 (ISBN13: 9781442222663)
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
review 1: I would not recommend this book. It's very repetitive and not very informative. But, I did learn a few things: 1-there was a big listeria outbreak from cantaloupe in 20112-wash melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, etc) before eating 3-lunch meat causes approximately 104 deaths a year...don't eat lunch meat4-sprouts are grown in warm, humid conditions that contribute to the growth of bacteria...don't eat sprouts.
review 2: I simply do not need to be any more concerned ( or paranoid) about food. I thought this was about food additives. It is actually about food-born illnesses and how poorly the FDA handles this issue. I skipped to the appendix of useful tips in the back after reading a good chunk of this book. I'm sure it is a wealth of information but I have eno
... moreugh to worry about without adding in something I largely have little or no control over. less
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It's all been said so many times in other books, I couldn't even finish this one.
If you eat... well anything you should read this book
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