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Discovering You (2012)

by Melissa Kean(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Let's start out by saying that it was a FREE ebook, so that was a star right there. The plot was pretty predictable after the details of the manuscript emerged and the crazy lady was not a stranger to Nicholas. That being said, the author developed the characters overtime and showcased their strengths and weaknesses. Lucy was a frustrating character for me, with moments where I was applauding her outspokenness and times where she was acting like an impetuous child that I wanted to smack. Ben's character seemed unnecessary and out of place for most of the novel-a page filler. Nicholas was a likable character even during his dark and gloomy days, and all throughout his 'transformation'. Overall it was an enjoyable read, although substantially longer than it needed to be, as ... morethe author could have condensed the book without sacrificing the plot.
review 2: Discovering You by Melissa Kean was a full-length free eBook novel. You can’t really complain about a full-length book that was free since that doesn’t happen too often. It really is a good book and Kean is a good writer. The chemistry and love between the two main characters, Lucy Howard and Nicholas Davenport, was very sweet. The plot and mystery of the book was interesting.I just feel the author would have really benefited from having an editor. There was some grammar and punctuation mistakes that could have been easily fixed, but most of all, perhaps 40-50% of the book could be constricted or cut out altogether. It simply ran too long in my opinion, and there was some descriptions and conversations between the characters that didn’t need to be in the book. Also, there was too many side characters who didn’t really add to the plot of the book such as the three servants, the cook or even Ben.Overall, not bad. Just needs a lot of trimming. The author is a better writer than most of the “authors” out there who put out free books. less
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A really good read! Holds your interest right to the final sentence! I wish there was more!
One of the best books I've ever read! Hate long books, but loved this one!
Though it was shamelessly a revamped Jane Eyre, I enjoyed it!
Couldn't put it down!!! I want Melissa to write a sequel.
It was enjoyable, couldn't put it down
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