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Imprisoned: The Betrayal Of Japanese Americans During World War II (2013)

by Martin W. Sandler(Favorite Author)
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0802722784 (ISBN13: 9780802722782)
Walker Childrens
review 1: Racism, hatred, and discrimination. Three very important and controversial topics were dissected in this book. They were dissected for Japanese Americans during WW2. After Pearl Harbor, many people were afraid of Japanese Americans. Due to the fear, the "Japs" were placed into interment camps. By being placed in these hastily built piles of junk, the Japanese Americans were deprived of all of their Constitutional rights.
review 2: Sandler shows a systematic account of the travesties that occurred to Japanese Americans on United States soil during WWII. I really wanted to enjoy this nonfiction title more than I did. The information was interesting and really showed the reader the combined horrors that racism and war can do to a group. But the editing was awkw
... moreard; half way through a sentence having a two page break that interrupts the flow made reading frustrating. less
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Very accessible, lots of pictures and information that is glossed over in 20th century.
Well researched, well written, a chapter in American history everyone should know.
Will work well with study of WW2.
See Pam's review :)
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