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Eat Drink Vote: An Illustrated Guide To Food Politics (2013)

by Marion Nestle(Favorite Author)
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1609615867 (ISBN13: 9781609615864)
Rodale Books
review 1: I received an e-copy of this book through NetGalley. This was a quick, fun read, and I enjoyed it. It reminded me of what I'd learned in Nestle's other books, and how important it is to care about our food system-- and not just to vote with our forks, but to vote with our votes! While I'd forgotten some of these tenets temporarily, Nestle was there to remind me again.However, I sometimes wondered if the audience might be limited to only people who have read Nestle's prior work-- the answer to that would be, it depends. Depending on which side of the fence you fall on some of these issues, this book might actually infuriate some without changing any minds, because Nestle barely hits the surface on some issues and doesn't go into further detail. I didn't even realize until I... more got to the end that she provided references; well, of course she would! Due to the size and shape of the pages, I'd highly recommend getting this one in print. The comics were always highly entertaining, but sometimes I strained to read the text on my Nook.
review 2: Eat Drink Vote is a great way to get started to understanding what is happening in America regarding the politics of food. This book was super engaging for two key reasons. First, Marion Nestle did a great job at taking information and research and sharing in small digestible (no pun intended)chunks. Before reading this book I was aware that food was big business in America, but I did not comprehend the full impact of the food lobby, manufacturers, and the government in the choices we make everyday by what we eat.In addition to the great information shared in the book the author has pain painstakingly researched the world of food and diet related cartoons. The collection of cartoons in this book is simply amazing. I would have never guessed that there were so many poignant cartoons about the state of food and health in our society. The cartoons are a central part to understanding the message of the book and are incorporated throughout the book. It was great fun to read the cartoons, and I would often find myself stopping to share a particular cartoon with the family.The other thing that Marion has done in writing this book is to really write it from an objective viewpoint. When she shares her opinion she makes sure to tell you that it is her opinion. While I do not think that I would always agree with her opinion, the way she expressed the information made me think about my viewpoint and consider the information being shared.I have been spending more time understanding nutrition and the food choices I make and this book could not have been more timely. It is a great starting spot if you are just starting to read up on this subject, and would be very humerus to anyone who is well read on the subject. less
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Didn't teach me anything new, but the cartoons were amusing. Nice, quick library read.
A quick read which sums up many of the points that Nestle makes in her other books.
Really thought provoking information presented in a fun and easy to follow way.
Eating is politics...damn
Nestle does it again.
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