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How To Behave At A Tea Party (2014)

by Madelyn Rosenberg(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
0062279262 (ISBN13: 9780062279262)
Katherine Tegen Books
review 1: I adored this book. It is about a little girl who is attempting to have a tea party. But to have a proper tea party, you must have guests. Unfortunately, she only has her little brother and the neighbor boys to work with. She attempts to teach them proper tea party etiquette and tries to make them follow the rules. Unfortunately chaos ensues and she uninvites her guests. But then she feels pretty lonely drinking tea by herself. She reinvites her guests, but forgets about rules and simply plays and has a good time with the boys. In the end, the boys invite Julia to their tree fort which is the best way to show their approval.This book is perfect for the 6-7 year old age range. The illustrations are adorable with plenty of humor including the little brother washing... more the dog's ears with his sister's toothbrush. For anyone who remembers the frustration of playing with a younger sibling or for children struggling to get along with a younger sibling, this book has a wonderful message about enjoying each other and getting along.This is not a serious etiquette book. Rather, if Eloise had a little brother, this would be her story.
review 2: Julia invites her brother, Charles, to her tea party, but when his friends show up along with the dog, who wants to eat the peonies, and a frog that jumps in the teacups, the party becomes a disaster. No one is listening to an increasingly bossy Julia and, in frustration, she yells and sends them all scurrying away. But you can’t have a tea party without guests, so Julia tries again and re-invites her brother and lets him bring his friends.The book is only 32 pages long with cute and often humorous illustrations. There is not a lot of text with only a sentence or two on each page. The book is intended for preschool children and beginning readers. Besides teaching etiquette and manners, Julia also learns tolerance and acceptance of others. And, I suppose, a glimpse of what it’s like in the real world. I would have liked it a little more if it taught the same lesson without using stereotypical ‘girl’ behavior vs ‘boy’ behavior. less
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A wonderfully written, nicely designed book of manners and understanding.
This would be fun in a party storytime.
Read at Words Worth Books.
BRABiased reviewer alert.
Delightful! I loved it!
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