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Ein Jahr Ohne Juli (2012)

by Liz Kessler(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 2
Fischer Schatzinsel
review 1: حقیقتا به نظرم ارزش سه ستاره داشت و به خاطر این که به طرز مسخره ای تونست آینده رو تغییر بده (در حالی که من توقع داشتم همه چی بدتر از قبل شه) دو ستاره فقط، اما چون منو یاد بهترین دوستم انداخت لایق پنج ستاره ست.از دست دادن سال های عمر و... اینکه اگه درست بپرسی مردم به سوالات جواب میدن، عالی بوددر کل لذت بردیم:دی
review 2: Another time travel book! Although some of the time travel "rules" seemed a bit hazy at times (shouldn't she have met herself somewhere along the way, since she seemed to be living one whole year and missing it
... more at the same time?), this was an enjoyable story. Autumn and Jenni, though different, are best friends, and Jenni learns how much she values that friendship, and her family, during her "travels." less
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this book is so... interesting. You have to read it, you'll love it.
I loved a year without Autumn. it was such a good book.
you just can't put it down.
Amazing! Great read!
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