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Scorched Eggs (2014)

by Laura Childs(Favorite Author)
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042525559X (ISBN13: 9780425255599)
Berkley Hardcover
Cackleberry Club
review 1: I have enjoyed this series of books and expected this one to also be very entertaining. I found it a little hard to get started but after reading for a little while, it gripped my attention so that I did not want to put it down. The story is based in a small town with a variety of eccentric characters. Everybody knows every one else's business. And of course the perpetrator is who you'd least expect. A fun read.
review 2: Dollycas’s ThoughtsLaura Childs has packed this book to the brim. The County Fair is about to start with Suzanne on horseback and Petra baking- both hoping for ribbons, the Cackleberry Club is hosting a dinner theater production, a vintage wedding is taking place in the park and Petra is making the wedding cake and a cute little baby is
... more found out behind the club, not a human baby, but still oh so cute. But the whole story starts with a fire at the County Services Bureau. A fire that leads to explosion and leaves the secretary Hannah Venable dead. It could have been much worse. Several people were in the vicinity when the debris was flying including Suzanne who was at Root 66 and thought she smelled smoke and went outside to find the source.Suzanne, Petra and Toni are three of my favorite cozy mystery characters. The author makes them come alive on the page. They are friends that are more like sisters. Their lives are all just bound together. Their dialogue is witty and quick and they really do have huge hearts and open minds about most things. Two of them don’t think much of Junior and his crazy ideas. He really takes advantage of Toni but she still seems to love the guy. I also like that Suzanne is dating a younger man who seems to really and truly love her.As always the ladies, especially Suzanne, are poking their noses into the police investigation. The fire was ruled arson and that makes the death murder. Good thing the sheriff has his own permanent stool at the Cackleberry Club counter because you just know that where the clues lead trouble will follow. They make end up a little scorched but we don’t want these ladies getting burned.With so much happening you would think it would be hard to follow but master storyteller Laura Child just lets it flow. She teases us a bit, diverts our attention, takes a few turns and a corkscrew twirl, and keeps us wanting more. This story was almost enveloping in the way it draws the reader in and holds on tight. A serious crime has been committed but she balances it with daily life, some romance and the perfect amount of laughs and giggles to make this thrilling and entertaining read.A perfect cozy to cozy up with on a cold winter night. less
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Had to read it all in one day! Couldn't put it down. Lots of twists and turns and one big surprise'
I like this series, this was a quick read but seen d a little flat compared to the other books...
Had enough suspects to keep me guessing until the end. Surprised me who it was.
I love her series
3.5 stars
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