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A World Of Cake: 150 Recipes For Sweet Traditions From Cultures Near And Far; Honey Cakes To Flat Cakes, Fritters To Chiffons, Tartes To Tortes, Meringues To Mooncakes, Fruit Cakes To Spice Cakes (2010)

by Krystina Castella(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
1603425764 (ISBN13: 9781603425766)
Storey Publishing, LLC
review 1: I love reading about baking and desserts and when i saw this book i was interested because it includes some history on baking and international recipes. I liked the first section where there was brief history of baking from ancient times to the present but when i started reading the recipes and the background on each particular one i found that some facts are not true. i am familiar with several of the countries in the book and some of the information are not true and some of the recipes are not right. maybe the author got the inspiration for her recipes from those countries but the recipes themselves are not exactly how some of these countries make them.
review 2: A great collection of international cakes (and that's cake by a broad definition). I generally sk
... moreimmed this book for the recipes. The author had a lot of historical information on cake and each region, but I just didn't want to take the time to read it. The quantity of recipes and cakes in this book can seem a little overwhelming, but I think for anyone who enjoys baking it would have a couple of inspirational items. less
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I love this book! It also has history pages of each dessert and its importance in each culture!
this is an amazing book-if baking is a passion this is a must buy
Fun interpretive cakes, but questionable recipes.
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