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Wifey 4 Life (2010)

by Kiki Swinson(Favorite Author)
4.43 of 5 Votes: 1
1934157619 (ISBN13: 9781934157619)
Melodrama Publishing
review 1: Kiki Swinson hasn't disappointed me yet. Kira always manages to find herself in some kind of mayhem and I have to respect her because she is always the last bitch standing. She's been kidnapped twiced, sodomized, beaten, you name it and she always manage to land on her feet. This chick has more lives then a cat. I have to say, why did I think for a minute that I was going to get a smoothe, Kira and new boyfriend walking along the sandy beaches of Anguilla? The twist and turns in this novel had me reading non stop. I had to finish it. Who would have thought that she would have gotten kidnapped by her uncle of all people, who would have thought her uncle was hustling on the street. LOL I must say it was a very enjoyable novel. Can't wait to see what the next chapter ho... morelds. Onto the next book!
review 2: (FROM JACKET)Kira's quiet life in the islands is interrupted when she's called back to Virginia to attend her cousin Nikki's funeral. Reluctantly, Kira plans a short, incognito trip to do just that. However, her plans are derailed when news of her arrival spreads. Now there's a bounty on her head, and several snakes are ready to cash in. Behind enemy lines in her own hometown, Kira is faced with yet another battle to stay alive as she finds out once again, that she's living on borrowed time. Will she be able to cheat death again, or will death snatch her from behind in part five of the Wifey series? less
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I enjoyed the book really kept me at the end if she was going to stay alive
Just started the book. Trying not to read so fast!
Dreadful. No editor on the payroll, eh?
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