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The Paper Bag Christmas (2006)

by Kevin Alan Milne(Favorite Author)
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1599950731 (ISBN13: 9781599950730)
Center Street
review 1: Sometimes, the best Christmas gift is never found in the most fanciest wrappings, but in a lowly paper bag with holes.Christmas isn't about the season, the decorations, the songs or even the gifts. It isn't what we see, hear, taste or smell, it is what we feel, what we know and what we believe.Find a place inside you, where all life's distractions and disappointments can't enter, there you'll find that the child you left behind peacefully sitting, waiting and hoping, full of joy and hope in his/her bright and eager eyes as he/she stares at a Christmas tree that eternally shines forth all the friendships and memories safety placed underneath it. You'll find that it's always Christmas there, and you'll know that you're finally home.
review 2: Touching and surpris
... moreingly well-written and clever Christmas story. I love finding a good Christmas-themed book during the holidays and this one is far better than most. Two young teens learn about giving,friendships, helping others, and love by serving in a children's hospital during the Christmas season. Big cut above your typical Hallmark-movie-esque Christmas story. Very short but poignant, great message, worthwhile. Loved it. less
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Thanks Ann. This would be a good book for Codega, paired with another one, for next Nov/Dec
Typical fun, delightful Christmas story. Would be perfect for a middle schooler.
A very heartwarming story that shows the true meaning of Christmas.
It was a quick read. Kind of sad.
Great message!
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