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Little Santa (2013)

by Jon Agee(Favorite Author)
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0803739060 (ISBN13: 9780803739062)
review 1: Little Santa is a great book to read to any elementary grades around Christmas time. The story tells about Santa's life growing up and all the adventures and struggles he went through to become who he is today. The book jumps around a lot which makes it somewhat hard to follow along. I would suggest reading it twice to fully understand the story line before reading it to children incase they have any questions. I would ask students what they think Santa was like as a young boy before we read the story. I would ask the students how they thought Santa delivered presents before he met his reindeer and elfs. I would then ask the students how they think Santa met his reindeer and elfs. The illustrations that went along with this book were outstanding! I plan to buy this book fo... morer my own library, I think it is worth it and your children will fall in love with this book.
review 2: This was our favorite of the new Christmas books this year, it's a very secular story about Santa as a kid, who loves the snow and is a good egg in general. I liked that it's funny (his family wants to move to Florida to get away from the weather at the North Pole) but not sneering -- it still manages to be very cute and sincere. It was also a hit with Lucy (at two years old), we don't always have the same taste in books these days, but it was no hardship at all to read this almost nightly during the holiday season this year. less
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The most adorable little book about Santa as a little boy! Loved it!!!
Quite a different take on the whole Santa story.
This was a cute one about young Santa.
This book made me smile!
Santa's back story!
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