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Market Bowl, The (2013)

by Jim Averbeck(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
1580893686 (ISBN13: 9781580893688)
Charlesbridge Publishing
review 1: Young YoYo ignores her Mother's teaching for how to make the best Bitterleaf stew. She takes her poor rendition of her mother's stew to the market and offends the Great Spirit of the market, Brother Coin, when she refuses to take less for the stew. Young Yoyo must find a way to make the spirit happy or she and her mother will be cursed and won't sell any more stew at the market. Included at the end is a recipe for the stew that readers could replicate and try.
review 2: Despite her mother's instructions about how to prepare bitterleaf stew, Yoyo thinks all those steps waste time. Despite the fact that the stew she prepares is less than delicious, she offends a customer when he offers to buy it at a reduced price at the Cameroon market. Her rudeness offens Broth
... moreer Coin, the Great Spirit of the Market, and she must find a way to attone for her mistakes or else Yoyo and her mother will be unable to sell even the best-tasting stew. The acrylic and Photoshopped illustrations are lovely and allow readers to see the emotions that play across the characters' faces. less
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An entertaining tale set in contemporary Cameroon incorporating cultural and folk elements.
Cameroon folktale. Don't upset the market spirit. Recipe for bitterleaf stew, too.
Good book to contribute to multicultural aspect of classroom library.
Would be a great read-aloud or one-on-one read with children ages 5+.
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