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Don't Want To Miss A Thing (2013)

by Jill Mansell(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
0755355873 (ISBN13: 9780755355877)
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review 1: My first Jill Mansell and it was a most delicious experience. I actually give this book 10 stars. I can't find a flaw, not one. And so, so many positives! Simply loved it. Laughed (ol), snorted, giggled, cried, felt the tender stirrings of my heart. Delphi stole my heart. I wish I could live Molly' life! Mainly, I was continually surprised and delighted by the story line. Sure, some was expected, a whole lot not expected, but the dialog and description carried even the obligatory tying of pieces together to make it fresh, funny, enjoyable. Mansell wrote with SUCH heart. And insight. And humor. What's not to love???
review 2: Another book by Jill that I love. Though I wasn't happy with the ending and not because I didn't like how it ended. I don't like that it w
... moreas so rushed and short at the end. She could of at least put an epilogue at the end. It took until the 2nd to the last chapter for the main character to get together and then it was over. I would have like to spend more time with the 2 main characters together then spending the whole book waiting for them to get together. This book was however an easy read albeit predictable but highly recommendable. less
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Bright, light, wonderful Brit chick lit. I love Mansell and I loved this book.
I couldn't put it down but I have no idea why??
Love Jill Mansell. Never disappoints ❤️
Low 3. Enjoyable but predictable.
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