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CakeSpy Presents Sweet Treats For A Sugar-Filled Life (2011)

by Jessie Oleson(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 2
1570617562 (ISBN13: 9781570617560)
Sasquatch Books
review 1: By "sugar-filled," I think this book actually meant "grostesquely sweet." There are very few original recipes here, just new ways of combining high-sugar prepared baked goods with other high-sugar ingredients. Reading these recipes actually grossed me out a little. Packing premade cookie dough into a frozen pie crust then topping it with frosting? Making a "doughnut upside down cake"? Look, I adore sweets. But these just sound over the top.These "recipes" may be good if you want a unique dish to give someone or take to a potluck--with their bright colors and intense sugar loads they'll certainly be the talk of the party. But I can't imagine anyone wanting to consume these things regularly. Although the artwork is charming and the enthusiasm is cute, I was ultimately disapp... moreointed with this book.
review 2: Jessie Oleson knows her desserts, and knows how to appeal to your sweet tooth, even if you didn't know you had one. She's got some over-the-top creations here, as well as simpler but no less mouthwatering recipes for things like S'moreos (yes, s'mores goodness in an Oreo cookie!) to tricked out cereal treats (extra colorful, chewy and memorable), cupcake-stuffed cupcakes, Elvis whoopie pies (yes, peanut butter buttercream and bacon between banana cookies). Even for someone with as big a sweet tooth as me, some of these are extremely over the top (Cadbury Creme Eggs Benedict), but that doesn't mean they aren't delightful to contemplate. There's cookie cake pie, doughnut pie, brownie pie, and while many of the photos or even titles look complex, the recipes aren't. Oleson's creativity in taking dessert to a whole new level of artistry and playfulness is evident in every recipe here, meaning there aren't just glazed cinnamon rolls, but glazed cinnamon rolls stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough. The seasonal treats like homemade conversation heart cookies, mimosa brownies, Pop Rocks cookies and even homemade candy corn are fun at-home activities with kids. Throughout you'll also find her cupcake artwork in all its cuteness. less
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I feel guilty just contemplating baking anything in this book.
sugar, sugar, butter, sugar, sugar, butter, butter!
That is a lot of sugar. A LOT
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