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Blood Master (2014)

by Jennifer Loiske(Favorite Author)
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Rogue House
Immortal Blood
review 1: A cup winning hat trick for Jennifer Loiske with star striker Sam hitting the winning goal. The entire Immortal Blood series has been box to box action with the latest offering a fitting conclusion to a crescendo of blood, danger and fragile teenage emotions. Sam faces the ultimate master vampire and “Sire” Jason doesn’t disappoint with smouldering good looks blended with the volatility of a volcano waiting to explode. Our star doesn’t know whether to trust a new mentor/guard, but chooses right in the end. And with the introduction of Kieran comes a new string to Sam’s bow as she learns how to take responsibility for the destiny of others ... her closest friends among them. Blood Master is a book about vampires, but take away the paranormal element and the plot h... moreolds up as an intriguing tale of tension and testosterone. A top class read for anybody who enjoys a good read.
review 2: Blood Master is a fantastic read that picks up where Lucas leaves off. Jason is Sam’s new sire and he’s determined to make her into the assassin she needs to be, however Sam is just as stubborn as ever and does the exact opposite of everything Jason wants. Gabriel becomes Sam’s instructor, trainer and the closest thing she has to what is considered a friend until Kieran, her chosen blood slave. Determined to hold on to reconnect with the friends she left behind she puts Gabriel in a life and death situation and now she has to pay the price for defying and betraying Jason. I read this book in one sitting and I was ready for more. The only disappointing thing about this book is that this book is that this is the end and it didn’t leave me with closure to the story. However this series was such a great read that yes, I would still recommend it to friends and readers who love paranormal reads. This is a series you can read over and over again and I look forward to more books from this author. less
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Once again, Ms Loiske proves she is at the top of her game, with a great story.
Another great vampire story in the series. Keep them coming.
Fast paced and some awesome characters. I enjoyed this.
Book club recommendation.
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