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Tuzak (2011)

by James Grippando(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
605543332X (ISBN13: 9786055433321)
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review 1: This is the first book (well kind of) of Grippando's I've read.I'm not a fan of his writing.I was reading this and Got the Look at the same time and there are a lot of underlying similarities in his plots (which is fine, lots of authors do).Money to Burn has a lot of focus and details on money/Wall Street/financial crisis/and the like.Those details can become really boring really fastOne of the thing I disliked the most is the banter between his character"I don't think you should go""Well I am going to go""Don't do it""You can't stop me"COME ON! CUT TO IT! And the main character, Michael, is just plain naive (even though he is a man of high position and wealth).There is a twist at the end, but I wasn't really shocked because I didn't really care for any of the characters o... moref the plot itself.
review 2: Loved the book - not sure why I'm only giving it a four.... Grippando has a style of writing that uses just enough characters to make each of them suspicious - In this book Michael Cantella is an extremely wealthy Wall Street guru. He and his girlfriend vacation and marry in the Bahamas only to have her disappear. Eventually he remarries and continues his money making successful life until suddenly one day all of his investments are gone with signs pointing to him and/or his x-wife. Simultaneously the financial world collapses and it appears as though Michael knowingly had moved his money out of the country in advance. He is desperate to clear his name and to recover his fortune while investigating who devised the clever scheme and why. less
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August 2013 at the lake. Wall Street drama... Flipping thru it fast. It's ok but not great.
It was making me anxious. Also, just not interested in the characters
This was a great suspense novel about the wall street crisis.
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