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The Fighter's Block (2000)

by Hadley Quinn(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: It's not so much the story as it is the writing style I can't stand - this coming from someone who loved dual POW which this book has.The relationship is nice and cuzzy, maybe progressed too fast or the time lines weren't mentioned properly.Lots of sidetracking - her sister, his friends and family and etc.Take all that and I just feel like I waste my time with it since I obviously don't like it so I dropped it at 40%.
review 2: Six Stars! I can't quite understand it..but i have never read a book that has felt so real - like I was completely living it. I would have read 70-80 this year and this was quite astounding - hard to achieve such power, the author deserves all the praise she receives for this.It was really better than I expected - I guess for me it helps
... more that I chose to avoid reading the 'blurb' summary as that often gives half the story away!I also can not remember the last book that grabbed me at the sample... often I will read a sample and see the book could go either way, then I take a bit of a stab in the dark... This book had me from the get go!I would most certainly add it to my list of recommendations, I will DEFINITELY be checking EVERYTHING out Hadley writes and am very interested in the next side story of one of the other characters (this book is a stand alone story with an ending).This book would make a great movie :)Great cover!Some small details for the author - and I have tried to write in a bit of secret code so anyone who has not read this will not have the story spilled before they get there:It took me half of the book to click that there were two characters with names beginning with'Co..' - I had them pegged in my head as the same people. Because they only popped up occasionally the slight name difference did not register with me. Also I think there was a Simon and a Steven or something similar - with so many characters it can be hard to recall slight differences. It may just be me though!Also the scene where the lead male is "relieved from where he had been placed for a length of time" could have had more power - due to the emotions involved... Perhaps a conversation where he is being told by someone and then the relief/excitement.But really....well done!WOULD MAKE A GREAT MOVIE! less
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I really enjoyed this book and I'd happily read something more from this author.
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