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Beatle Meets Destiny (2009)

by Gabrielle Williams(Favorite Author)
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Penguin Books
review 1: To be blunt, this book was nothing I expected. It was a lot of mumbo jumbo that didn't mean much. It was very unrealistic, and I feel as though the author could have done a much better job writing through the eyes of such a well known artistic figure such as John Lennon. The book was not easy to follow, it was unrealistic and a young adult wouldn't be able to relate to it as well as the author might have intended. Even though the book was not as good as I hoped it'd be, there were a couple of quotes that really stood out to me. The first one being “And hard times are good in their own way, too. Because the only way you can achieve true happiness is if you experience true sadness as well. It's all about light and shade. Balance.” This quote relates to not only young adu... morelts, but adults as well. It is quote that describes to us what life is about, how we should be able to pull through difficult situations when things get hard, and what the ultimate result is. The author is explaining to us that to be good times, there has to be a balance as well between good and bad. The second quote that stood out to me was, "You know what they say about mistakes,...it's the only way you ever learn anything". This quote might be simple and short, but sometimes the things that are sweet and short bring us to realization the quickest. Mistakes are something humans do all the time. The quote was able to bring the truth to the section quickly and easily. Mistakes are something humans do, we screw up every day, but in the end, it IS the only way we learn how to become better. In the end, the book might not have been the very best, but some of the sections the author did a fair job. The book brings out a lot of realizations that were always there but we just started noticing in a way. In conclusion, the book wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.
review 2: Because sometimes you're in the mood for a YA book. #noshame So I picked this book mostly because it was written by an Australian YA author, like a bunch of my other favorite YA books. But I was disappointed. I was hoping for the wit and innovative storytelling of the brilliant Jaclyn Moriarty- because that's who everyone compared Gabrielle Williams too, but nope. The book just tries too hard to be clever all the time and it doesn't really succeed half of the time. Like even though the story is told in third person, the voice of the narrator reminds me of the voice of a teenage girl trying to be Mindy Kaling. (which I'm guilty of too, but I haven't written a book) ANYWAYS, the writing just comes across as kind of poor, but it is funny at times. It's unusual at least, and I really appreciated the effort that went into trying to make this book smart and different, even if I personally felt that it fell short of that mark. It's entertaining though, just not particularly good. The main character is Beatle and if this was a rom com (which it kind of is, btw), he would be the sympathetic male lead because he is bumbling, but personable and charming. But if you take two seconds to think about his character/actions, he's really not that likeable. Oh well. Also, another reason I chose this particular novel was because of the Beatles reference in the title (the Beatles are the best) but sadly the references basically stop here- the two main characters are named John Lennon (aka Beatle) and Destiny McCartney, but that's it. The novel basically chronicles their love story. #allyouneedislove There are other subplots though that could be interesting- about stalking and tapestries and superstitions and twins. (I'm an identical twin and jsaying, I did not relate to any of the twin things in the book.) However, the subplots kind of just fizzle out because everything wraps up so abruptly. The loose ends all come together [#rightnowoverme] in the end, but this is before you even have time to become invested in them. Everything is solved before you have time to question stuff. OVERALL, the book could have been better written and better paced, but it was still an easy read that other YA fans will probably enjoy, especially if they end up liking Beatle's character more than I did. less
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Because the title has the word "Beatle" in it. Where have you been all my life? Biased, I know.
What a cute book. Quite similar to Anna and the French Kiss. Characters with awesome name.
This was a funny book in some parts, but I couldn't really get interested in it.
The author tried too hard and couldn't effectively wrap things up.
Pretty cute...
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