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The Perfect Christian (2012)

by E.N. Joy(Favorite Author)
4.44 of 5 Votes: 2
1601628374 (ISBN13: 9781601628374)
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Still Divas
review 1: Chains of the Past Mother Doreen is always on a mission from God. After her husband died, she became more committed to serving God. When her mission sends her home to care for her sick sister, she meets Pastor Frey. While it’s obvious to others that Pastor Fry is interested in Mother Doreen, she’s simply there in a caring capacity, and doesn’t wish to move further. Luckily for Mother Doreen, God has a mission for her heart. After purging her past, she’s ready to head to the altar for the second time. But will her past be called into question before her I do’s? THE PERFECT CHRISTIAN: STILL DIVAS BOOK TWO by E.N. Joy was an intriguing read. After all of this time readers finally get to see more into Mother Doreen’s past. I absolutely loved how even in the... more time of tragedy E.N. Joy allows readers to see God work. There are small issues in editing.I didn’t realize that I’d read part three prior, so now I’m awaiting part four. The entire series is worthy of a recommendation.Reviewed by: Crystal4.5
review 2: In the second book of the Still Divas Series, The Perfect Christian by E. N. Joy, Mother Doreen is in love and preparing for her wedding. Mother Doreen never thought this day would come again given her past. The day of her wedding an uninvited guest arrives and the wedding turns into a counseling session.Mother Doreen’s past has come back to haunt her and this time she has to face it head on. In confronting her past Mother Doreen realizes her first husband, Willie had many secrets. When the truth is revealed Mother Doreen has to make a hard decision. Will Mother Doreen let her past hinder her present?The Perfect Christian lets readers know just how imperfect people can be. The main character is faced with some harsh truths but her love for God never falters. This was a true eye-opener and I recommend this book to others.Teresa BeasleyA&RBC Reviews less
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Sometimes the hardest person to forgive....is ourselves as Mother Doreen finds out.
I liked the story line it is amazing how God works mysteriously in a person's life.
This book thought me that forgiveness, no matter how long, does bring healing.
Good christian fiction book.
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