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Going Down (2000)

by Elise Sax(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 3
Wish Upon A Stud
review 1: 5 laugh out loud starsMack and Marion have this amazing sexual tension ... Sexual tension that after two years need to be released!!! This is a super cute short light read ... These two will make you laugh out loud with their witty banter and sexual tension!!"You fell in love with me because I insulted you on a napkin?""Either that or your Hello Kitty panties that got me. It's a toss up."
review 2: Actual rating 2.5For a freebie this was okay. It was a short easy read that had its funny moments but it also frustrated me. When Mack and Marion were talking normally I liked the banter and witty retorts. The conversation moved quickly and I believed in the relationship. However, for me it became a problem when Marion's narrations were written like this--especially
... moreduring intimate scenes. I felt the author tried a little too hard to be funny throughout the whole novella and some scenes just didn't need it. When characters are in a passionate moment, I want intensity and heat, I don't want cringey names for genitals and strange comparisons that dampen the heat an intensity; it broke up the flow.Besides that it did end rather abruptly. I would have liked a little more--maybe an epilogue a few years later as the next novella is about different characters--but it was still an okay read. less
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Is a great book to read forever
Free, fast, and funny. Not bad.
This was pretty cute. :)
short but funny
cliff hanger
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