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Unofficial Narnia Cookbook: From Turkish Delight To Gooseberry Fool-Over 150 Recipes Inspired By The Chronicles Of Narnia (2012)

by Dinah Bucholz(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Being a long time Narnia fan (and someone that loves cooking and baking), when I saw this book, I knew I had to pick it up. The cover is gorgeous and it just screams, "PICK ME! PICK ME!"This book is very well researched in that she does take the time in looking what a Victorian meal would probably consist of; HOWEVER, that meal is of an aristocrat mainly, not the typical everyday person (lamb chop was expensive so it was most definitely not a typical Victorian dinner!)I will note this book also does contain meals that would probably only suit the adventurous (eel stew, cold roast venison, fried kidneys and pigeon stew with wood sorrel are a few that come to mind) here in America as this is an American published book. I, for one, an a rather picky eater and am rather glad I... more checked this out from the library as most of the recipes aren't to my picky tastes. However, if you happen to be a lamb chomp, bone-in chicken, scone, Turkish delight, fish eating person, this might be worth looking into. (And, I mean, I'd rather get Jell-o pudding and not spend two hours making it.)
review 2: My speedy perusal of this book resulted in the hasty conclusion that I would probably never try any of these recipes. However, my sixteen year old actually read the introduction and carefully paged through the book. She says we need to own all of Bucholz's books. So be it. Despite there being absolutely no photographs or illustrations, the recipes are well researched and a valuable instruction manual for preparing less familiar meals.Here chapters are: "Beautiful Breakfasts", "Snacks, Teas, and Meals on the Run", "Lunch and Dinner Menus", and "Fabulous Feasts".My teen summarized with this remark -- "She needs to tackle the Redwall series. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read Redwall on an empty stomach." I didn't know. less
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Ahhh, Narnia. Will definitely own this when I have kids one day!
great cookbook about the foods in narnia!
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