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The Food Substitutions Bible: More Than 6,500 Substitutions For Ingredients, Equipment & Techniques (2010)

by David Joachim(Favorite Author)
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0778802450 (ISBN13: 9780778802457)
Robert Rose
review 1: If I only had four reference books in my kitchen, they'd be: 1. Timing Is Everything 2. The Flavor Bible. 3. Some kind of exhaustive field guide to the grocery store which I haven't yet identified. and 4. The Food Substitutions Bible. It is what it says it is. If you don't have a rangpur, also known as a "mandarin lime," you could swap it out for a calamondin. Or a lemon. Or a lime. Or a half lime plus a quarter mandarin orange, blood orange, or navel orange.For marionberries, you can swap blackberries (which are smaller), or logan berries (which would impart a red color), or boysenberries (which are slightly sweeter), or even olallieberries (which are sweeter still).What I'm trying to convey is that this book is extremely thorough, and sometimes a real kick. There are gu... moreides for selecting ingredients, and extensive weight and volume equivalent charts. There is no substitute for this book.
review 2: The Food Substitutions Bible is a must have resource for every kitchen. This huge book has more than 5000 entries which not only includes ingredients from abalone to zwieback but also cooking equipment and techniques. Each entry gives a little explanation of what the ingredient is or the equipment does, including alternate names. This aspect is quite useful for some of the less commonly known ingredients that the reader has probably never even heard of. As the title of the book suggests, each entry also includes a listing of substitutions. Though many of the listings are straight across substitutions "if you don't have A use B", this section often includes ideas if you want to vary the flavour, to save time, and to make a recipe healthier. I started thumbing through this book and eventually read it cover to cover adding post it notes on the entries that sparked a myriad of interesting varieties as well as those ingredients I always seem to run out of when I get the urge to bake. less
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A must have book that is good from professionals chefs down to the home cook.
A great resource and something I wish I could have come up with!
Very handy kitchen reference.
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