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Thank You For Your Service (2013)

by David Finkel(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
0385680961 (ISBN13: 9780385680967)
Bond Street Books
review 1: A must read for the American public and military leaders of all ranks. My first reaction was...my God what struggles these young men and women are going through and thank God for the many caregivers and Family reaching out. I didn't realize just how long the suffering and often how desperate, how private, and how lonely these struggles can be. David Finkel has done a great service by exposing the reality of post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries in all their randomness, chaos, pain, and resistance to understanding and simple therapies. Our minds are impossibly complex and each individual's journey and chances for healing are equally as complex and difficult to predict and guide. As a result of my reading I have decided to change my CFC contributions and jo... morein one charitable organization that focuses completely on military families in need. They have served our Nation and continue to do so. They deserve every American's support and gratitude. God bless and comfort those who are suffering as a result of their service and God bless all those who are helping them.
review 2: Hard to plod through but for the sake of all those maimed characters I felt I should. This is a well written book about the lives of some men coming back from war, the wars we tax payers support via our collection of politicians and bureaucrats. The wars and the men come back to us as friends, family or the guy trying to bag groceries at the store. Ugly moments, a lot of 'em in the book. Really appalling the amount of drugs that are given to the guys but heartening, a bit, to know how many people care and try to rehabilitate them. At the end I felt like I had PTS too. less
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It was difficult reading about these guys and what they have been through
Compelling stories about returning Army veterans.
WOW! This is a book everyone should read.
Loved it!
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