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Rocket Men: The Epic Story Of The First Men On The Moon (2009)

by Craig Nelson(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
0670021032 (ISBN13: 9780670021031)
Viking Adult
review 1: Although there is no mystery in the outcome of the Apollo 11 mission, this book tells the tale of all of the efforts in making it happen and the toll on the astronauts afterwards. The author also philosophized on the reasons the US pretty much had abandoned its manned space program. And although the ISS is still a reality, it is still low earth orbit versus further exploration to other planets and solar systems. A good historical perspective on the Space Race and America's efforts.
review 2: This was an absolutely fantastic book. One of the best $1 I have ever spent. Craig Nelson does a phenomenal job of going in depth for both sides of the space race and including not only America and Russia's success, but their failures. He also weaves mini-biographies abo
... moreut Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins throughout the book and uses quotes from other astronauts, engineers, flight controllers, flight directors, nurses, family, administrative officials and politicians to weave a fascinating tapestry of the story that took us to the moon. For anyone interested in space or history a must-read. less
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This is utterly compelling history. Whooop whoop for NASA and the Apollo program!!
Completely loved it. Incredibly inspiring.
Couldn't have told the story any better.
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