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One-Hour Cheese: Fresh And Simple Cheeses You Can Make In Your Kitchen (2014)

by Claudia Lucero(Favorite Author)
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0761177485 (ISBN13: 9780761177487)
Workman Publishing
review 1: This book is perfect for the first-time cheesemaker. She is so encouraging and it is clear she wants to make cheesemaking accessible to everyone. Simple ingredients, equipment already available in most kitchens, clear steps, step-by-step color pictures so you never get lost and can check your attempt, and the one-hour time limit allows anyone to be a success. She even provides troubleshooting tips, but tells you even most "mistakes" are still edible. I made the Chivo Fresco and it came out perfect; it was the first cheese I'd ever made. It is so easy, kids with an adult helper for the hot stuff can do it. The premise of the book is quick cheeses, so if your looking to make aged cheeses, this it not the book, but it makes some great fresh cheeses.
review 2: I LO
... moreVE this book! I am a very inexperienced cheese-maker. I have made a few batches of ricotta, but I have felt intimidated by venturing into the mystical realm of making cheese. This book has done more to assuage my fears than months of internet searches and scrutinizing other books on how to make cheese. The book completely demystifies some of the more complex ingredients and the role they play in making cheese. You probably do not need anything other than what you already have in your kitchen right now to make several of the cheeses in this book! Lucero's prose is very readable, and the book reads like you have your cool older sister walking you through the process of making cheese. How can you not love a book with the line "Do not live in fear of the milky soup"? The pictures are great and given for EVERY step, so you can see exactly what each part of the process should look like. The directions are simple, easy-to-read and laid out very well. (It is true that I generally don't like recipes that spread across several pages, BUT I always forgive this when step by step pictures are included.) Lucero's book includes something MANY other cheese books do not - guidance for when things go awry. Through a series of questions, she leads you through the process of figuring out how your cheese went wrong, but also reassures you that "cheese du jour" is a perfectly legit way of naming your not so perfect results. Best of all, each recipe begins by stating how easy it is, how long it will take and some helpful notes. And, she gives you some great tips on flavoring your cheese in order to spice things up. I will most definitely be purchasing this book when it is released, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves cheese.I was able to read an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my review, but my opinions are my own. less
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The best cheese making book I've seen yet. I will definitely be purchasing this one!
Great easy recipes to make authentic tasting cheese in 1/10 of the traditional time.
Lots of pictures, very easy recipes!
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