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Skirt Steak: Women Chefs On Standing The Heat And Staying In The Kitchen (2012)

by Charlotte Druckman(Favorite Author)
2.28 of 5 Votes: 4
1452107092 (ISBN13: 9781452107097)
Chronicle Books
review 1: I was SO excited to read this book and SO disappointed with it. I quit reading it after only 2 chapters because I really could not stand the way the author wrote. She divided the book into categories like "What is a Chef" and "Education" and wrote about each subject with a lot of quotes from various female chefs, but the most irritating thing was almost every pages had footnotes - some pages had like 4 or 5 footnotes! Sometimes they were actually helpful, but most of the time it was something lame. I would have rather seen more of a compilation style with a few pages about each of these female chefs than this mishmash of stuff with all the freaking footnotes! So disappointed and I definitely would NOT recommend it.
review 2: as a female who has worked in k
... moreitchen for the past 7 years I really was hoping that this book was something more powerful and really dove into subjects that were apart of what it really is to be a woman in the kitchen instead it ended up seeming more of stereotypes and feeding into what is already a male dominated realm. Utterly horrific and very much a let down, I would never encourage anyone to pick it up unless it was free. less
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Disappointing. I almost quit halfway thru. I should have.
More of an organized survey
Did Not Like It.
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