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The Miseducation Of The Negro (2013)

by Carter Godwin Woodson(Favorite Author)
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194017712X (ISBN13: 9781940177120)
review 1: It wasn't what I remembered. Reading it in my youth and reading it in my - well, non youth - were definitely different experiences. Still full of truth, but thankfully some of it has become dated or I disagreed with the premise of certain points based on my own life experience. Speaking of life experience, the conclusions the author makes based on his personal encounters are often valid but limited in their own way. And sadly, much of what he wrote became dated over time and then decades later, became true once again - which implies that it was and always will be. My romantic notions of this book are now dismantled, but wisdom and truth don't need to be romanticized. I can appreciate this work on a different level and be content with departing from Woodson's thinking... more/assumptions on certain points. This was published several decades ago, so that it still manages to hold up in so many ways (while falling in others for me, "educated negro" that I am) is a testament to his observations not just of the black mental and sociological condition, but of human nature, which gives the illusion of change over and over again. Even revolutions often lead to a change in leadership rather than a change in concept. After all, revolving is a circular motion in most spheres of math, physics and life. Glad I re-read it. How I use it as a teaching tool with my students will be more restricted than I thought, yet more targeted and thus more powerful.
review 2: This was a classic that I had wanted to read for a long time. I found it to be instructive about the state of African-American education (and the African-American experience in general) in the 1930s. Reading this gave me the same feeling as when I read DuBois' "The Soul of Black Folk." He's clearly writing as a member of the "talented tenth" but at the same time strongly criticizes black elite and academics for their misleadership. There is also a lot of useful food for thought here for minority education today in the United States. less
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Good read...!I liked it. Mr. Woodson touched on issues that are still happening today!
was good.
loved it
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