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Easy As Pie (2010)

by Cari Best(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 3
0374399298 (ISBN13: 9780374399290)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
review 1: Jacob is baking a peach pie for his parents' anniversary. Though the storyline is a bit unrealistic -- Jacob bakes the pie while his family is waiting, he uses an Easy-On Oven, he makes a delicious pie by himself -- the messages are positive and age-appropriate. I like that Jacob works by himself, uses what he has learned, and creates a pie that he is proud of. Recommended as a read aloud for preschool through grade 2. Different kids will get different messages from the story, but all kids should appreciate Jacob's work and Cari Best's lessons on creating something wonderful.
review 2: Jacob’s favorite TV show is Baking with Chef Monty, so when Jacob sets out to bake his first pie, he knows all of Chef Monty’s rules by heart. He knows that: a happy bak
... moreer makes a happy pie. He finds all of his ingredients in the kitchen and sets to work. When his sister Charlotte comes to get him ready to go out for dinner and celebrate their parents’ anniversary, Jacob makes sure he keeps working because one of the rules is: Concentrate on what you’re doing – no matter what. He rolls out the dough, fixing his mistakes like Chef Monty advises. He flutes the edges of the pie and pricks holes in the top crust, slightly larger than Chef Monty would have recommended. Soon the pie is in the oven, though his family is getting tired of waiting for Jacob to be ready to go. But there is one solution to that! Dessert first!So many children’s books about cooking have the child making a horrible mess, combining strange and unappetizing ingredients together, all resulting in an inedible creation. This turns that formula on its head with a child who is confident and capable, creating a pie that makes the parents’ anniversary even more special. Best’s writing is a pleasure to read aloud with the sprinkling of Chef Monty quotes throughout, great asides of noises, and plenty of action. Sweet’s art is light-hearted and funny, filled with peach-colored splashes and funny touches like the titles of the books on the shelves. The writing and text go together like ice cream and warm pie.A great read aloud for any classroom starting a cooking project or any story time where food will be featured. Guaranteed to be a favorite around Thanksgiving too. Appropriate for ages 4-7. less
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Picture book. 2010. Humours book about the issues around cooking a pie.
I love Cari Best and this one is fun!
Teaches good habits to follow.
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