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The Muffin Tin Cookbook: 200 Fast, Delicious Mini-Pies, Pasta Cups, Gourmet Pockets, Veggie Cakes, And More! (2012)

by Brette Sember(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 4
1440532168 (ISBN13: 9781440532160)
Adams Media
review 1: I think the sign of a good cookbook is when you can't get it back. The book arrived and first my Mother borrowed it, then my Aunt, then her neighbor. Everyone is loving it and the great ideas. I've only heard raving reviews of the things that people have tried and I look forward to getting it back eventually so we can cook up some of these great receipes for ourselves. Thank you Goodreads First Reads for this great book!
review 2: Easy and quick inspirational recipes add excitement to your daily cooking routine.Have you been looking for some new inspiration in the kitchen? Then I think you may want to give The Muffin Tin Cookbook a try. I was skeptical and not sure how this cookbook would go over with me considering the theme. So what better way to review it th
... morean to read it from front to back and then grab a few recipes to try out. The Muffin Tin Cookbook includes 200 recipes that can be prepared using muffin tins. The Muffin Tin Cookbook is broken down into 9 chapters from Appetizers and Snacks to Desserts. Each individual recipe has a little icon next to it letting you know which size muffin pan is required for that particular recipe. Some of the recipes you cook directly in the tin while others require you to use liners, with some you also use pie crusts and even crescent rolls. You have a wide variety of different recipes to choose from so you will never get bored using your muffin tins. I really like how quick these recipes are to prepare, which had me turning to this book again and again for meals. They are also easy to serve and my family was happy to try the different dishes I whipped up. One of my favorites recipes in the book and one that my family loves are the "Stuffed Potato Cups" from chapter 6, "Potatoes, Rice, Pizza and Pasta. This recipe uses shredded hash browns as a base and regular sized muffin tins. Another great recipe that is a hit with kids are the "Mac and Cheese Cups," which uses whole wheat elbow macaroni and jumbo muffin tins. The great thing about this book is how each regular and jumbo muffin cup makes one serving size so portion control comes easier to those who are watching their weight. The author Brette Sember also lists calories, fat and other nutritional information per serving for easy reference. This is one great cookbook that I won't be lending out to any friend, as I know for sure if I do, I won't be getting it back. less
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Cute idea. Too much extra work for me. I'd rather clean one pan than 12 muffin cups.
This has lots of great ideas for all courses. Only thing is that it lacks photos.
It has no photos. I want to see photos of what I'm making.
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