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A Christmas Tail (2013)

by Ben Hopkin(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: This was such a delicious story. I was laughing, crying, holding my breath, praying, mad as a hornet, yelling right on, and holding on to my sides! The story line is just what you need this time of the year, very strong with the spirit of the young and the love of a faithful companion, Sophie. We all need that kind of love and devotion in our lives whether it be a dog, cat or whatever! The strongest faith of all is the love and belief that we are not alone, no matter what. Highly recommended.
review 2: It was a year ago I discovered Mr. Hopkins writing. Since than I have become obsessed with anything he publishes. "A Christmas Tail" is a heart wrenching short story. A horrific accident separates a family. It's the love, determination of each other and m
... moreainly, the family dog, that helps reunite the family. Many wonderful life lessons are taught during this story.Mr. Hopkins took a different road with "A Christmas Tail." Normally he is spins a tale of horror and murder. However, this time it's a story of love and family. A nice little break for an avid fan. less
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This was a nice quick read. I would've finished it quicker but was busy with the Christmas holiday.
A short but endearing tale with a hint of Oliver Twist.
The book was OK as a holiday read.
3.5/5 starsReview pending.
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