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T4 (2008)

by Ann Clare LeZotte(Favorite Author)
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0547046847 (ISBN13: 9780547046846)
Houghton Mifflin Books for Children
review 1: This book tells the story of Paula Becker. After her mother was exposed to Rubella or German measles while pregnant with Paula, Paula lost her hearing at the age of 18 months old after having a high fever. The young girl grew up deaf in a small German town. The story takes place in the year 1939. The book begins by Paula telling the reader a little bit about herself, and how she has learned to cope with the fact that she is deaf. She has created her own version of sign language and she starts to learn how to read lips. But when news comes that Hitler has issued the order abbreviated T4, her family begins to fear Paula’s fate. Hitler’s order was to rid the country of people that they believed affected the gene pool. T4 specifically affect people like Paula who w... moreere considered mentally ill. Once the local priest, Father Josef, decides to take action and help protect Paula from the Nazi’s. He removes her from her home and she spends years away from her family waiting for the day that she will once again be safe in her own home. This book is a great way to introduce students, not only to the holocaust , but also gives insight into poetry. This would be appropriate for students 3-6th.Teaching Idea: Act out a scene from the book without using wordsLeZotte, A. C.(2008). T4: A novel in verse. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.
review 2: T4 is the story told in verse of a deaf girl that lived through the Holocaust. Paula Becker who was born deaf lived in Germany during the time of the Nazi reign over Germany. Since Paula was born deaf, she was part of Action T4 that declared the imperfect should be killed. This included homosexuals, people of color, people with mental or physical disabilities, Jews, and Gypsies. With Hitler being the leader of the Nazi party, he believed in an Aryan race to make Germany full of a perfect race, meaning that people that were not considered perfect were to be eliminated. I thought this story was great because I have not read many books that tell of other people involved in the Holocaust other than Jewish people. I think this book would be a really great resource to use when learning about the Holocaust from fifth grade on up. I highly recommend that people read this book because it is told in a different way by being in verse and it really gives you a little insight to a different side of a horrific happening during World War II. less
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Poignant free verse. Its simplicity perfectly strips down the raw subject of Nazi Germany.
I didn't like this book; I liked the beginning of the book more than the end.
Story written in free verse a/b a deaf girl hiding from the Nazis. Powerful.
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