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Homemade Liqueurs And Infused Spirits: Make Your Own Limoncello, Grand Marnier, Bailey's, And 152 Other Innovative Flavor Combinations (2013)

by Andrew Schloss(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 2
1612120989 (ISBN13: 9781612120980)
Storey Publishing
review 1: What a great book if you're looking for ways to experiment and make your own flavored liqueurs. It is nowhere near as difficult or mysterious as it seems it would be. I'm excited to try a couple of the recipes - Strawberry Rhubarb? Ginger Cardamom? Really? Sign me up! The recipes are a good mix of "favorites" and creative ideas. Some seem pretty "out there" (I won't be first in line to try the Artichoke Liqueur...), but the cocktails in the back give you drinks to try them out on.Lots of great info on liquor and liqueurs, flavors and ideas. Great gift idea, or book for adventurous people who are tired of browsing an expensive, limited selection at the local liquor store. I'm looking forward to seeing it on the shelves.
review 2: A completely expected del
... moreight from Storey Publishing, my favorite diy publisher. I fell in love with the idea of making liqueurs when a friend served me her homemade limoncello and made my own first batch around 3 years ago, but beyond that I never pursued the idea, thinking it must be too complicated to make creme liqueurs. Not so! This book explains the theory in detail in the first portion, then moves to specific recipes for the remainder. It's great to have both theory and practice in one handy volume, and I am excited to give some of the recipes a whirl in these summer months. less
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Awseome book, have made several infused bottles and am currently making Lemon Drop Vodka at moment.
I want this book. I need to make all the recipes!
very nice recipes
Good information.
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